Welcome University of Redlands Students to the insurance waiver and enrollment “opt in” portal!


Any full-time student (9 credit hours or more) who is registered and attending classes at the University of

Redlands is required to have adequate health insurance coverage.


If you have other health insurance, such as coverage under your parent’s or employer’s insurance plan and you do not wish to enroll in the University of Redlands sponsored student health insurance plan (SHIP), you must submit a Waiver Application through this portal.


You will be automatically enrolled in SHIP unless you provide proof of comparable coverage and submit a waiver by the Waiver Deadline Date.

If you do not have other health insurance or would like to be enrolled in the University of Redlands sponsored SHIP you can also self-enroll through this waiver portal by opting into SHIP. The advantage of self-enrolling is that you will not have to wait for the waiver deadline date to have active SHIP coverage. 


Should you have any question regarding the waiver process, waiver deadline or enrolling in SHIP please see the posted Waiver FAQs or contact Relation Customer Service at 1-800-537-1777.


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